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  1. I feel like another Dinofelis (one that had a brighter color than this one) by the same user was briefly on this site. Plus this one appears to not have any Zoopedia info in-game. (sorry)
  2. Apparently there's three animals shown in the image, but not mentioned in the text. They're the Grevy's Zebra, Red-faced Spider Monkey and Brazilian Tapir.
  3. Uh... Yeah, I think that's it. But let's keep the fat-tailed gecko for now.
  4. Yep. It's a texture error.
  5. I think it needs a new download link.
  6. I didn't; I just saw the big lizard in another Zoo Tycoon 2 video, so I'm pretty sure it's a Megalania. No offence.
  7. Wait a minute, isn't the "secret animal" from Lizard Balooza a Megalania, and not the African fat-tailed gecko?
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