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  1. He's probably too lazy to edit that out.
  2. I'm not saying I have them exactly, I just really need them.
  3. I have almost all KCS' downloads, but I am still missing a few because they aren't available for download. Does anyone have them for me? The missing KCS downloads I need: Lizard Balooza Premium Pack (actually, I have the Savannah Monitor, Black Roughneck Monitor, Pink Iguana, Sandfish and Chinese Water Dragon, so I still need the San Esteban Island Chuckwalla, Texas Banded Gecko, Bearded Dragon, Guatemalan Beaded Lizard and the so-called "secret animal" which is actually a Megalania) Ambient Birds Pack Pumpkin Sinosauropteryx Nocturnal Nightmare Pack: Late-Easter Teaser Superb Lyrebird and Marine Mania 2 Animals Size Hack
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