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Everything posted by mayessam

  1. aslan egypt mesh fel paypal list((((.... so if credit cards not an option eh 7asan way to buy cc
  2. o really heard about me fein ba2a..lol..or i better not ask.................... 8)
  3. eh dah howa enta nafask metal brain beta3 el cheats wkeda..dana kont fkra tashaboh asmaa...ya3ni a fan or sth..hehehe ..anyway...i really agree wz the siggy lines...ya3ni ne2dar ne2ool am there..3al 7'at el fasel bein getting crazy or removing this application.. can i just borrow these words to put on my fb
  4. atafek ma3ake ya noor that metal brain's siggy is nice..bas el fe3aln touched watar 7asas el 2 lines eli ta7t betoo3 playing is fun........etc... yes..really hmmm TRUE
  5. what owl in recycling? the white owl that was in gmb last couple of months or what?
  6. wow mesh mesada2a fe arabic corner hena...tab we should advertise that fel play fish forum ba2a
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