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  1. Awwwww! Look at the cute awesomenesses :lovebox:
  2. Can I please buy RMB MI: egg wall decors 2 for 1x999? I'll just f/r you now, so if they're not for sale anymore, you can just decline me(if you want )
  3. sure hun, just f/r me with the note. i prefer to receive payment first before sending the items. thanks. F/r sent I'll send as soon as you accept ;D
  4. Are you sending soon? I sent you your payment to the facebook account you're registered with here for like two-three days ago. 1 bubble chair and 1 princess bed, for two sets ...
  5. sure..i will send u an f/r.plz accept. sure..total 5*999 for one set All sent last night
  6. Can I have... .golden 2010 balon 2x999 .snowboard decor 2x999 .golden 2010 ballon 4x999 .robin plushie 4x999 .hot water bottle 4x999 .2010 ballon hat 4x999 for 3x4999+3x999?
  7. 1 pink balloon 1 green balloon, 2 tiki torch 1colorful guitar 1 pet's orb decor 1 owl dolls(the white one:D) 2 shamrock chairs 1 pink rose decor --> for 2x4999+2x999 ?
  8. sent you f/r.. sorry hun.. please check.. the total is 3x4999 + 3x999.. if you agree with my price, please send first.. :dancing: OK sorry 3*4999 + 3*999 is no problem Edit: All sent received the payment hun.. sent you all items you need.. thanksss hun.. add rep for you.. :dancing: All received. I'll add rep if you tell me how, haha
  9. I bet a lot of people notice when you dress nicer than usual, and put in an extra effort on your hair or appearance. Why they don't tell you is on them, not you. I've never been in a situation like yours, but I did have a really really really good friend I used to hang out with. He wanted us to be a couple, but I said I didn't want to. I did, though, I just told him I didn't because I knew he was still in love with his old girlfriend, which pretty much sucked. Besides, she was sort of my friend too. Now she's just being a b**ch to me, which is so unfair, because I never did anything to get him, and they're still together even! I can't believe how many times I sat by the phone, wanting to call him, hoping he'd call me, telling me they were done, and that all he wanted was me. He never did, and eventually I had to do something; I could ether tell him how I felt, or completely cut him out of my life. I did none of that, I just kept my mouth shut. Eventually the desires and illusions of him went way. Okay, it was when he tried to get with me while his girlfriend was out of the country. I totally lost respect for him, I mean, who would want a boyfriend that hits on other women? But now I don't know what's happened, and it sucks! Because I feel I've done the right thing, letting them be together, but whenever I meet them together, they dismiss me. When I meet him alone, we can talk and laugh like we used to. When I meet her, even come up to her and give her a hug, she just ignores me. That's why she's a b**ch to me, and I don't call people b**ches for no reason. Actually she's the only one I've ever called a b**ch. ANYWAYS, I hope in some wierd way, maybe you found this useful. Sometimes, all that is needed for someone to feel better, is for someone else to show their own life's sucky side.
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