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  1. do you have new mb??? red toy car, dalmation plushie and pink kettle? thanks
  2. Hi there, i am looking for 4 dancing pet figurine. If you sell them, please let me know how much. thanks.
  3. irine, do you sell dancing pet figurine? i need 4 of them. please let me know the price if you do sell them. thanks.
  4. hi there, do you sell dancing pet figurine? i need 4. please let me know the price. can you please send me pm if you sell the items? thank you hun....
  5. can i have 1 pink cushion please....thanks............will send 4x999...
  6. i have send you the f/r, will send you the mascot. i get the wallpaper already anyway, so it is for the gift
  7. i dont have the wall paper at this moment.....if you have one, you can swap with me. if you dont have the wall paper, that's find, i can give you as a gift.
  8. do you need the park mascot hun??? if you still do, i will send you one.
  9. do you have the list of all the new mystery eggs hun?? thanks.
  10. guys, any body knows what items inside the cruise, safari and arabian night.....thank you so much..
  11. polina, i have the princess swing seat. how much would you like to offer?
  12. i have one, how much would you like to offer hun? (please pm me if i dont reply)
  13. i have the sakura tree rice ball. please pm me if i dont reply. thanks.
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