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  1. thank you for soo nice words i was afraid that probably you forgot me cause i am totally not active i am looking forward to see you from 15th till 22nd November,cause this time i will have holidays and will get marks for first trimestr!! so kisses to all you and thanks for your supporting
  2. do u still have angel wings? i got internet off so couldn't write if not,may i have winged shoes please?
  3. one set please )) you are soo nice my friend
  4. i think she was wearing diamond ring headband,white flavia dress and hermes winged sandals
  5. So heey guys I hope you still remember me cause i wasn't on this site for a month or more maybe... This school is so hard now,i don't have enough time even for checking my facebook To say true,i was thinking about quiting PS but thanks to my friends they convinced me not to do it . I want to tell that u miss you all soo much.Soon i will have holidays and i will try to spend more time with you Love you
  6. i have rounden black lantern do u still need it?
  7. i am sorry for you mine works perfect hope yours will load soon
  8. i wish candies still be there cause i have one missing
  9. i need tiger costume and i have chicken please help me
  10. can i have bue dress please? thanks for your generous
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