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  1. OMG thank you very much!!! I don't know how to repay you..
  2. well... It's only 2CC (and I'm run out of CC) so.. I'll offer it for 5*5999 + 4*3333 + 5*999
  3. Yay yay! welcome back!
  4. OMG!!! You not really need to gift bomb me... If there is anything that you need, I'll help if I can :blees:
  5. i've sent a f/r! Yes, it's the bundle one! I don't like it haha... f/r accepted! thank you very much!!
  6. Hideeni Valentine Rose Bush Mummy Doll royal guest wig (cc) Well.. I have my own reason to take the wig It's the bundle one right?
  7. Bump for you Yvette, sorry I couldn't help anything... Yeah, this bundle is rally rare, I see in TOF, people are selling it above 100*5999 (I also seen 130*5999 for that bundle) Wish you luck so you can find it sooner
  8. Aw.. It's you again Thank you very much! I don't know how to repay but please accept my toke of appreciation Hmm... Deja vu feeling
  9. I got one too, convert from my PFC leftover (1 coins) the eyes just look pretty weird if it's looking left/right side
  10. I don't think I must explain more, just state your price! I'll pay for 5999, 3333, 999
  11. well it's now 3 CC each, I want both silver and gold one so the total is 6 CC I have 6*5999 4*3333 36*999 for trade thanks in advance and if the price is too low please inform me because I don't know the CC rate
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