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Everything posted by -Serenity-

  1. OMG thank you very much!!! I don't know how to repay you..
  2. well... It's only 2CC (and I'm run out of CC) so.. I'll offer it for 5*5999 + 4*3333 + 5*999
  3. Yay yay! welcome back!
  4. OMG!!! You not really need to gift bomb me... If there is anything that you need, I'll help if I can :blees:
  5. i've sent a f/r! Yes, it's the bundle one! I don't like it haha... f/r accepted! thank you very much!!
  6. Hideeni Valentine Rose Bush Mummy Doll royal guest wig (cc) Well.. I have my own reason to take the wig It's the bundle one right?
  7. Bump for you Yvette, sorry I couldn't help anything... Yeah, this bundle is rally rare, I see in TOF, people are selling it above 100*5999 (I also seen 130*5999 for that bundle) Wish you luck so you can find it sooner
  8. Aw.. It's you again Thank you very much! I don't know how to repay but please accept my toke of appreciation Hmm... Deja vu feeling
  9. I got one too, convert from my PFC leftover (1 coins) the eyes just look pretty weird if it's looking left/right side
  10. I don't think I must explain more, just state your price! I'll pay for 5999, 3333, 999
  11. well it's now 3 CC each, I want both silver and gold one so the total is 6 CC I have 6*5999 4*3333 36*999 for trade thanks in advance and if the price is too low please inform me because I don't know the CC rate
  12. OMG!!!!!!!!!! I don't know how to say thanks again you already help me many time and I dunno how to repay!! Is there something that you need? maybe I can help
  13. PPP we missed you!!! actually, I also just joining PSFC again after a pretty long break
  14. It's last week in store and cheaper (too bad not enough CC ) so I wish someone will sell it for me I have 6*5999 4*3333 36*999 for trade thank you in advance *edit oh, and if you think the price is too low, please tell me, I don't know how's the CC rate now
  15. Thank you Next person will receive cinderella bed
  16. Congratulation Steph and Dan!! Can't wait to see the pic of Molly
  17. Thank you everyone! I'm very fine. I'm also happy to see you again Sorry for missing from PSFC for about 3 month (?) Well.. pretty much because I'm lazy to access the internet because I must share the computer with my brother But... Got a new laptop last week so I can freely open anything without being bother by my brother and also high school life drinving me CRAZY, homework, task and homework again. there is almost no day without homework. How about everyone? Doing fine? Are there any new active member?
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