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  1. 1 romantic cushion pls!ill send u the payment now--tnx! edit--hi caroline!payment sent!will wait for my item tnx!
  2. make it 2x4999 and its a deal...what do u say ? EDIT---tnx for the quick trade!item sent and payment received!
  3. i want to sell fast!!!pls make your offer...tnx! ANT EATER (5) BROWN DEER (2)
  4. chloe1

    Mega Market

    how much for deluxe feather headress and half mask?
  5. hi groovy carpet pls...snt u an invite already pls add me again...tnx! EDIT---payment sent tnx for the add!pls send my item soon...TNX CAROLINE!! +++ITEM RECEIVED adding reps for u!tnx!
  6. annick coulor pencil decor pls and bone soup! sending payment now tnx edit payment sent....will wait for my items tnx
  7. thanks for the trade, adding rep hi items received!adding++ reps for u!tnx!
  8. annick! 1 monster doll , 1 monster couch and 1 skeleton dress and 1 bloody mat please 10x999....will send you the payment now...tnx! :dance4: edit--payment sent will wait for my items...tnx!
  9. chloe1

    selling items

    i havent received my Rainbow Poo yet...pls send it soon..ive sent payment for it already... tnx.... =(
  10. chloe1

    selling items

    sent payment for rainbow poo...pls send item soon..tnx!
  11. chloe1

    selling items

    did u mean that u have it or u dont have rainbow poo?coz in the pic u have one...so if i understand right its 1x999 for the rainbow poo?if so add me...tnx
  12. just woke up....got the item!tnx!merry xmas!! adding ++ reps for u!
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