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  1. I'm soo sorry for your loss hun be strong my dear I felt the same when i lost my grandmother
  2. i am hungry now i wish i could cook SOMETHING
  3. yes, i would love to dye the wigs for u, annick1206!, You can send whenever and please make sure you stated the color AND LOCATION on the table of what you would like. Please do not ask for the color by its name, hence it is not on the dye table when i dye the wigs it's the pink in the middle of the table thanks i will send it later when i log on
  4. LOL, Hdeeni is a thief now.. maybe the mayor is not feeding him well. even that im not gonna give him my fruits to eat.. i prefer to sell back or give to my pet to eat
  5. annick1206


    oh i hope everything will be fine soon
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