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  1. Idk!! PS has gotta be atleast 3 years old. Congrats to your pet!! I'm gonna send lucky his present now since, I probably will forget when its september!!
  2. OMG!! I love tuttu frutti gum hehe and I love watermelons. So this week is gonna be AWESOME!!
  3. I have 1 halloween cauldron left, 2 snowglobes, sorry i only have one floral cat, *sold other* I might be all outta golden balloon arch, I gotta check.
  4. No, thank you!! would u mind giving me a rep point? i gave u 1. Thanks
  5. As long as they don't marry. THAT would be one wedding Chaplain Kokonee won't preside over! As a Wedding LOVER , this is the first time in my life that I will PASS up a wedding. Seeing Hideeni walk in high heels and wear a wedding dress is too MUCH, even for me.
  6. The fireplace is still for sale what I mean is "its out of the pet society stores"
  7. Beach bag for 1 999 coming up, I will add you. My message on facebook will be "Hi, Its Ambi! You requested a beach bag?"
  8. Okay friend request sent ! : ) Okay its all set!! I accepted. I'll send first since I have less reputation than u. Okay u wanted the balloon arch is that right? Thanks
  9. Its 2*333, the question above does not sound stupid you should always ask if its definite. Thanks!! -Ambi
  10. Yes they are 2 333's!! U did get it right add me below so we can do the trade. Thanks for ordering from Ambi's gift Shop!!
  11. I HAVE WAY MORE STUFF!! I just need to get it together so I can post it thanks.
  12. Hi! Sorry I totally missed your post! Sorry I only have one yellow princess dress left, is that okay?? Thats great!! 1 princess gown for 3 999!! Add me, I have my facebook link on my siggy.
  13. I sell, all my items I haven't used in a while and all the items I think are ugly. I sell all my fruits, hideeni items, and all the gmb items I have had for like 2 years. I also try to just buy the cheapest food for my pet. My pet has a budget!! She only has 2,356 coins haha. Anyways Good luck!!
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