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  1. Idk!! PS has gotta be atleast 3 years old. Congrats to your pet!! I'm gonna send lucky his present now since, I probably will forget when its september!!
  2. OMG!! I love tuttu frutti gum hehe and I love watermelons. So this week is gonna be AWESOME!!
  3. I have 1 halloween cauldron left, 2 snowglobes, sorry i only have one floral cat, *sold other* I might be all outta golden balloon arch, I gotta check.
  4. No, thank you!! would u mind giving me a rep point? i gave u 1. Thanks
  5. As long as they don't marry. THAT would be one wedding Chaplain Kokonee won't preside over! As a Wedding LOVER , this is the first time in my life that I will PASS up a wedding. Seeing Hideeni walk in high heels and wear a wedding dress is too MUCH, even for me.
  6. The fireplace is still for sale what I mean is "its out of the pet society stores"
  7. Beach bag for 1 999 coming up, I will add you. My message on facebook will be "Hi, Its Ambi! You requested a beach bag?"
  8. Okay friend request sent ! : ) Okay its all set!! I accepted. I'll send first since I have less reputation than u. Okay u wanted the balloon arch is that right? Thanks
  9. Its 2*333, the question above does not sound stupid you should always ask if its definite. Thanks!! -Ambi
  10. Yes they are 2 333's!! U did get it right add me below so we can do the trade. Thanks for ordering from Ambi's gift Shop!!
  11. I HAVE WAY MORE STUFF!! I just need to get it together so I can post it thanks.
  12. Hi! Sorry I totally missed your post! Sorry I only have one yellow princess dress left, is that okay?? Thats great!! 1 princess gown for 3 999!! Add me, I have my facebook link on my siggy.
  13. I sell, all my items I haven't used in a while and all the items I think are ugly. I sell all my fruits, hideeni items, and all the gmb items I have had for like 2 years. I also try to just buy the cheapest food for my pet. My pet has a budget!! She only has 2,356 coins haha. Anyways Good luck!!
  14. As long as they don't marry. GAG!! Can you imagine Hideeni in a wedding gown?!? Hideeni with the mayor?! YUCK!! That is one wedding, that I will skip if it happens.
  15. HAHA!! U guys are funny, Hideeni and the mayor would be perfect partners. HEHEE
  16. I never played Resident Evil before, but I'll support it!
  17. How old is the mayor is like asking how many licks does it take to get to the center of the tootsie pop? The answer is the world may never know. But, my best guess is hes like 65, Haha.
  18. Thanks for trading with me EarthSaiya, I just gave u 1 reputation point, would u mind doing the same for me?!
  19. Aww, Ambi Says "Thank You to your pet, Sal" Also I think Ambi, will be taking a break from visiting the mayor, haha.
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