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  1. Yes sweetie it's me I'll send over to you now xx
  2. Hey Geney xx 1 x 3333 will do.. I also have no idea of price but the two seemed high to me (shrugs) lol!
  3. Sorry Anastasia.. been a bit busy erm crystal hearts 1 x 4999 each and romantic sky.. 2 x 999? x
  4. Ahh Wendy I missed this .. so glad to see you here hon xxxx
  5. Thanks to you too hon and for the wonderful gifts sleep well xx
  6. okeydoke.. i'll go load up and send it out
  7. lol Jenny.. I'm sorry you had the haunted broom.. I forgot to edit it out .. the others I can do tho so do you want to alter your price? x
  8. Bang on target Jenny 12 received thank you!! xx Thank you Alison I also received your 2 x 999 xx
  9. Hi there.. yup I will send over to you xx Edit: sent!
  10. Hi Jenny! Have sent all these items.. boy PS was superfast today
  11. So sorry, someone had already asked for these.. I have updated the list now xx
  12. Thank you Alison.. I received all your items xx
  13. No problem.. it's slow again isn't it? sigh lol
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