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  1. Designer:  Whalebite
    Original Creator:
    Requires:  MM, EE, Hendrix's Boa
    Public Domain:  Yes
    Language:  English
    Bugs: Fish don't breed. The eel is recommended for some items that it doesn't need
    Description:  Some fish from the Mediterranean Sea
    Mediterranean rainbow wrasse
    Mediterranean Parrotfish
    fan mussel
    Roman eel
    Gilthead seabream
    Grey triggerfish
    Screenshot: spacer.png

    zzz-Mediterranean Sea.z2f

  2. Designer:  Whalebite
    Original Creator: Mahi mahi by Deep silver, Skipjack and Sandbar by Toucan Corp, Oceanic Whitetip by Zero, and blue shark by Animium
    Requires:  MM
    Public Domain:  Yes
    Language:  English
    Bugs: None
    Description:  Meet the "Herds" of the Pacific Ocean
    Skipjack Tuna
    Blue Shark
    Oceanic Whitetip
    Sandbar Shark
    Screenshot: spacer.pngspacer.pngspacer.pngspacer.pngspacer.png

    zzzzz-II-Pacific Ocean.z2f

  3. Designer: Whalebite
    Original Creator:
    Requires: MM
    Public Domain: Yes
    Language: English
    Bugs: No breeding
    Description: A variety of tropical fish from across the Indian and Pacific Ocean
    Yellow Tang
    Hawaiian sergeant major
    wedge-tail triggerfish
    Pyramid butterflyfish
    Bird Wrasse
    Teardrop Butterflyfish
    Banggai cardinalfish
    Naso Tang
    Midas Blenny
    Guinea fowl puffer
    Convict tang
    Scissortail sergeant

    zzz-Indo-Pacific Reef Fish.z2f

  4. Designer:  Whalebite
    Original Creator:
    Requires:  MM, AD Biomes
    Public Domain:  Yes
    Language:  English
    Bugs: Fish don't breed
    Description:  Lake Victoria's cichlid fauna was decimated by introduced Nile Perch, although some went extinct, and others be came very endangered, a few have begun to make a comeback.
    Zebra Obliquidens
    Pundamillia nyererei
    Matumbi Hunter

    zzz-Lake Victoria Cichlids.z2f

  5. Designer:  Whalebite
    Original Creator:
    Requires:  MM, AD Biomes
    Public Domain:  Yes
    Language:  English
    Bugs: Fish don't breed
    Description:  The deserts of North America seem unlikely places for fish, but in a few isolated springs, tiny fish have lived isolated for thousands of years, their tiny ranges make them susceptible to extinction and their future is uncertain.
    Tequila Splitfin
    Devil's hole Pupfish
    Screenshot: spacer.png

    zzz-Very Rare Desert fish.z2f

  6. Designer:  Whalebite and Tamara Henson
    Original Creator: Zerosvalmont for model. Skin by Tamara
    Requires:  Aves, AD Biomes, AA
    Public Domain: Yes
    Language:  English
    Bugs: No name in Menu, but named ingame  (SLGray fixed the no name issue.)
    Description:  A small Owl from Tasmania and New Zealand


    zzzz-whalbit-Ninox novaeseelandiae.z2f

  7. Designer: Whalebite
    Original Creator:
    Requires: MM, Wild New World Goliath Bird Eater
    Public Domain: Yes
    Language: English
    Bugs: None

    @whalebite wrote:
    So yes, after seeing Moana I just had to have one, and since they are a hard to find, and rather terrible pet, I turned to ZT2. Since none currently were in game. I made one

    Screenshot: spacer.png

    zzzz-II-Birgus latro.z2f

  8. Designer: Whalebite
    Original Creator:
    Requires: MM
    Public Domain: Yes
    Language: English
    Bugs: No Breeding
    Description: A pack with some fish found in the Caribbean and Atlantic
    French Angelfish
    Blue Angelfish
    Cuban hogfish
    Yellowtail snapper
    Queen triggerfish
    Screenshot: spacer.png

    zzz-Caribbean Reef Fish.z2f

  9. Designer: Whalebite
    Original Creator:
    Requires: MM, EA, WWD New Blood
    Public Domain: Yes
    Language: English
    Bugs: None
    Description: Description: Anomalocaridids where an early group marine inverts. They were among the first very large animals, with some being apex predators, while others large docile filter feeders.
    Aegirocassis benmoulai

    Anomalocaris canadensis



  10. Designer:  Whalebite
    Original Creator: Hendrix and Zerosvalmont for Model and Skin
    Requires:  Crocodylia, WWD New Blood, AD Biomes
    Public Domain:  Yes
    Language:  English
    Bugs: None
    Description:  Before crocodiles became amphibious their niche was inhabited by Phytosaurs. These reptile ruled the rivers of the Triassic
    Machaeroprosopus mccauleyi (listed under the junior Synonyms Pseudopalatus ingame)


    Mystriosuchus planirostris



  11. Designer:  Whalebite
    Original Creator: Hendrix for Dwarf Naupaka, Koa and Birds, Bohemian Rhapsody for Ohia, Tamara Henson and Samuel for Textures, Artiflex for rocks and map
    Requires:  AA, European Expeditions, AD Biomes, Duck Pack
    Public Domain:  Yes
    Language:  English
    Bugs: Too many Silverswords can crash a game
    Description:  Remakes of some of the II Hawaiian stuff, along with a few new birds, and a couple new plants
    Volcanic Rocks
    Hawaiian Crow
    Dwarf Naupaka
    Maui Parrotbill
    Hawaiian Silversword
    Bonus: Feral Kauai Chicken
    Screenshot: spacer.pngspacer.pngspacer.pngspacer.png
    Download Links:

    I'iwi and Volcanic Rocks -

    zzzz - _I_iwi (Drepanis coccinea).z2f

    Dry Forest -

    zzzz- Hawaiian Dry Forest Mini Pack.z2f

    Rainforest -

    zzzz- Hawaiian Tropical Rainforest Mini Pack.z2f

    Montane Forest -

    zzzz- Hawaiian Montane Mini Pack.z2f

    Feral Chicken -

    zzz-Feral Kauai Chicken.z2f

  12. Designer:  Ulquiorra
    Original Creator: HENDRIX
    Requires:  ES, AA, MM, EA, Artiodactyla
    Public Domain:  Yes
    Language:  English
    Bugs: None
    Description:  An Angus cattle for your zoos, it has adult, juvenile and young stages.
    Screenshot: aberde10.jpg


  13. Designer:  Silverwren

    Original Creator: ZTABC for the AVES pack and HENDRIX for the base mesh as well as help with coding.

    Requires:  AA, possibly AVES. For the full range of items for animal use I suggest having all official expansions, Wildes China, Wild Bird Seeds Food (Ulquiorra), Parrot Nest (Tamara Henson)

    Public Domain:  Yes for the macaw, no for the conservation icon. I do require you to ask for permission if you wish to use my conservation icon.

    Language:  English

    Bugs: Sometimes when young grow into adults the animal becomes super-sized but usually it shrinks down to normal size within a few seconds. Every now and then an animal may need to be picked up and moved because it can get caught walking in a loop around objects or is unable to correct course and keeps trying to walk straight into an object. While not a bug exactly, guests will say the parrot looks odd when it uses the Orchid tree. If you find any other bugs, please contact me!

    Description:  A new bird for your zoo! This parrot is a mascot for the forum in-game. As the macaw is extremely curious and friendly, it does not attack guests and guests do not run from it. You may even see a macaw choosing to go interact with a guest! It comes with a new conservation status and icon which can also be found in my pastel bunny download. This will allow you to easily find the macaw by choosing the Fictional status in the menu.
    Note: All of the Z's are required in the name in order for the conservation icon to show up.

    Screenshot: user-m10.jpg

    Hashtags: #Macaw #bird #mascot #Silverwren #parrot #fictional

    zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzUser-Made Creations Macaw 2017.z2f

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  14. Designer: Ulquiorra
    Original Creator: Whalebite, HENDRIX & Zerosvalmont
    Requires: ES, AA, AD Biomes, WNW (Goliath Birdeater), AVES (optional)
    Public Domain: Yes
    Language: English
    Bugs: May walk in straight lines and need moving manually, but this is infrequent.
    Description: A pack containing three giant cockroach species and a tiny log shelter. If you have aves, the burrowing cockroach can use the Kiwi burrow.
    Screenshot: spacer.png


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