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  1. how much for Silver Viking Helmet and White out Shades?
  2. u didn't read my reply i can only pay 15x4999 for the astro helmet. deal?
  3. i can only pay 15x4999 for the astro helmet. is it ok with u?
  4. hey hun, how much for the Astro Helmet?
  5. i've sent back ur 5x Ais Kachang, plz send me back my 1x4999 i don't want to trade anymore..
  6. yes i do, how many do you need? do u have 15 Ais Kachang? if yes tell me how much do u want for them plz
  7. hairdresser is in the stylish shop it's behind the pet =) they changed the design of this shop too..
  8. items received/sent thank u sweety.. rep added
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