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  1. awwww =( it will work soonn, im sure it works off and on btwww... do you know how to collect produce from animals D:? coz i tried to drag the eggs to produce but then.. =-= it dragged my whole hen into my inv D: and lost both eggs T_____________T lol mine just didn't save =-=.. went to retry again D:!
  2. ooo nvm it works now XD
  3. Does anyone have this problem of it loading for a reallly really long time, and then ending up on the retry screen ? I wanna check my crops before they all get stolen D:
  4. Angelz

    dog problem

    the doggy does stop people, coz if you click under your rewards, or uhh trophies, it will tell you how many times your dog stopped crop stealers however, it really doesn't stop them that often lol
  5. this reminds me of......... farm town (app on fb), but cuter lol
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