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  1. Hi!!when u need cc and u'd like selling monster doll my offert is 38 cc!!
  2. Title is no good!!sorry!!try with "Commercio sicuro- regole aggiornate"
  3. sorry but the title has no sense!!!it must be changed!!! try with "Nuove regole per diventare un Safe Trader (commerciante Sicuro)- Leggete Prego"
  4. Thank u!!!i 'd like to change it too but i have no ideas!!
  5. this is my first room,where my Pet Felicetto meets his friens!! I hope u like it!!
  6. ciao ..vago per i forum di tutti i pet dipendenti..sono incappata pure in questo ..e devo dire che curiosando...mi piace mooltooo!!!!!!!! ciaooo ciaoo :blink: :mbounce:
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