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  1. um if u want to color ur wig, then u have to send me the wig in ps. i'll color it for u and then send u back. hope i have made it clear :smiles:
  2. thanks :p :p aww i didnt know that. It's okay.. i'm gonna add it now
  3. Hello friends...i'm back after a long time.. i have the following 2 wig dye tables. My rate is: 1x999 for each wig dye. also accepting SUGAR & CANDY for Restaurant city. but have to offer for these RAPUNZEL PRINCESS WIG DYE TABLE Colors included: Coral Red Pearl Blonde Ivory Blonde PINK WIG DYE TABLE Colors included: Sweet pink Regal pink Plum red
  4. love all those rooms and this competetion sooooooooooooooooo much. thanks Gaia for this awesome idea exam is running and i cant check the forum often hope i'll b back soon. really miss this forum good luck and take care... ... ...
  5. Green Lady

    Eid Mubarak

    EID MUBARAK! We'll have eid tomorrow in our country, Bangladesh. so passing a busy night. have to prepare everything for tomorrow. mom is preparing dishes
  6. Green Lady

    Eid Mubarak

    no we are not muslims GreenLady but I did live in Abu Dhabi for 10 years so understand Muslim festivals xx OOO THAT'S MORE AMAZING THANKS A LOTTTTTT FOR WISHING US FEELING SO HAPPY
  7. Green Lady

    Eid Mubarak

    eid mubarak Lisa !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! happy to know that u are muslim :dancing:
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