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  1. i need 2 RAINBOW AND 2 GOLDEN: by 4 gmb? is ok?
  2. hi, i need 24 cc: by 6 ite by 4999: 12 for my daughter and 12 for m, i, but I pay all ok?
  3. i give you 6 item 999 by Marching Dress
  4. Hello, only I have item of 999, you accept them? I want two vests of bears panda, one for my and other one for my daughter they are 12 cc
  5. i give you 4 item 999 by piano, ok?
  6. excellent sale, friendliness and speed safe trade!!!!!!!!!!
  7. you have another Dreamy Princess Bed buy it, 6 gmb
  8. i give you 4 item 999 by piano
  9. please, wait a minute, I already have the boxes but can not go to the pet and I have among my friends
  10. ok, i give you Dreamy Princess Bed, 7 gmb and 4 gmb by nuclear rug (i ned two)
  11. 7 gmb by dreamy princess bed 4 gmb by royal dining table 4 gmb by nuclear rug (i ned two) 2 item 999 by princes pink rug (i need two)
  12. i give you 2 item 999 by Princess Pink Rug, i need two
  13. i give you 6 item 999 by Bunny Wreath
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