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  1. Erm, shouldn't it be 8640?XD Oops!! Re-do!! 8640 (I think it was too late for a simple counting game)
  2. how much would you like for the dark lolita set?
  3. I'm not so excited this week. The painting and the new fish are nice but I'm not so into the wizard stuff
  4. Sorry, thought I left info already If possible I'd like a quirky sig with lots of bright colors! My pet Frappy loves to dress up so anything clothing related is great!! Thanks!! Let me know if you need more info too!
  5. I love the new outfits!! Can you tell I love to shop?! Oh... and the wheelbarrow is a must have item for me too! Can't explain it but I must have it!
  6. Just testing the BAC siggy! I hope this works! - I guess not, i'll try again!
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