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  1. payment received, wallpapers and free sticker pack sent. thanks for the trade, adding rep
  2. can i have ur Black Build a Scarecrow Base i will give u the Scarecrow Crow sure, send me a note in ps please
  3. I need: Triangular Scarecrow Pumpkin Headthanks rainat2pm Round Scarecrow Pumpkin Headthanks rainat2pm Scarecrow Crow Smiley Scarecrow Mouth thanks rainat2pm my extras: 3xPink Scarecrow Pumpkin Head 1X Pear Shaped Scarecrow Pumpkin Head 3X Black Build a Scarecrow Base 1X Black Scarecrow Glasses
  4. I Want to Trade My Pink Candy Pillow for Your Bat Ears Headband Thanks!
  5. sure payment sent thanks! items sent and rep added!
  6. thanks for the trade, rep added
  7. payment received, items sent, thanks for the trade rep added
  8. i only have the maple ribbons, the bat doll is on hold
  9. hi, i would like to know if you still want the dolls
  10. it's free! oh, thanikyou so much hun.. then can i buy that witch doll? they're on hold right now, but i'll let you know if they become available
  11. at this time, i only have the black kitty plushie Alright! Can I have her for 5x999s? I will gladly send~ payment received and items sent thanks for the trade! adding rep
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