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  1. @ BG how silly of me.... of course. : P well I guess we can all brainstorm something. I can still send out mass messages via FB from before.
  2. awww look at all the Halloween siggies!!! : P anyways, i have a proposal for everyone (although, myself, I havent been in here for a couple of weeks.) They say the best thing to do when things are crumbling, is to change the name, and go at it with a fresh start. For those Mad men fans, if we were a dogfood, that is what we would do, change the name and put it back out there!! So I propose a name change, and placement back on the old forum, then a mass message out to all members. What do you guys think? anyone second the motion? any idea out there for names?? @toulouse---snorks is sooooo suepr adorable in the siggy, I love her!!! <3
  3. Hi Armell!! Silly me, I forgot to change the page, been refreshing on the same page fro some time now. Sorry that you are down in the dumps, correct me if I am wrong, but your husband is often gone for stretches at a time, right? Must be tough. I could not imagine. Been having a tight stretch myself..... but that is nothing really new, in all honestly been having a bit of good news. so that is positive. Had a really great Dr.'s visit last Friday..... and he gave me hopes that in a few years I could possibly drop all my medication and go on to be fine without any prescriptions..... that is if I keep improving over the next couple of years, so I am just holding onto that little nugget. I know that I will prolly get the same thing again in the future, but perhaps when I am older, and it makes more sense... would like to have a few normal years in my life somewhere. can feel my body getting stronger and better. : D and by the end of october I will be moving into my new apartment, pray for me to have 2 baths, but I think I am going to be stuck with a 2 bedroom 1 bath.... blah. If nothing else, please let them let me paint the walls!!!! Hope everyone else is doing ok.
  4. Happy Birthday to Mindy the other day (i hit you up on FB, but not in here) and then today to Sophie!!!!!! : D Have my 6 week checkup today with the specialist. Still doing much better on new meds!! have a few minor problems still that I will discuss with him, and see if anything changes.
  5. Yes Mindy, what sophie said!!! : D
  6. wow Mindy! what a short vacation!!! hope that you had a blast. Tanya showed me some of the jewerly she bought from you and it was lovely!!! : D Tell ing you guys, I do love that pineapple outfit... tempted to make siggy for anyone who wants it with a colourful pineapple suit. Or anything in general, jsut let me know. Been pretty productive today, so am pleased with myself. : D Off to make some b-fast!!! whooooooot~
  7. yeah you are gonna miss me, gotta get off. see you guys later!!! : D also if you get a sec, let me know what you guys think of this: http://www.threadless.com/profile/1323764/inu_kijo/blog/632146/Need_some_help you can comment where ever you would like! thanks! xoxoxoxoxoxoox
  8. I have trouble with the forums in that way also sometimes. makes it hard. thanks for the vote Bee! : D much appreciated.
  9. Hiya Bee, cant stay too much longer, but was trying to make sure I at least dropped in.
  10. LOL at Mindy. I did see your comment, thanks so much for the support. If ig et a 2.5 on the scoring, I think I will be happy. lets not hope for a 1. something! O__O Hope everything goes SUPER on your trip the DisneyLAND for YOUR b-day! : D
  11. stopping by, just got approved on a teeshirt design, and now I have 7 days to get votes. you guys can check it out here: http://www.threadless.com/submission/296506/Cupcake_Love you do have to register to vote tho. No asking for 5s on this, jsut whatever vote you would give it!! its a neat site to check out as well!!! Will try and stop by again in a couple of hours. : D
  12. Hey everyone, sorry that I have not stopped by in a bit.... new rules at Hotel, and I can't get another the computer when Bee and otehrs are usually on.... so i guess i will ahve to drop by earlier and leave little updates. Everything seems to be doing pretty well. My new meds have been doing me wonders. I start a different schedule next week, that will allow me to have at least one whole day off every week. Still waiting on the apartmetn to get a different apartment for me.... getting kind of aggravted. Still can't believe they gave mine away to someone else. I guess if they do not have one at the end of this month I will be moving at the end of October at the latest..... kind of sucks, cause i was hoping to have a bit of a costume part in the new place... I love Halloween. anywyas, hope all is doing well!!! xoxoxoxoxoxo
  13. oh wow... well i do hope that the rest of the trip is perfect and you have the most wonderful time!!! must be nice to have a couple of weeks off from work!!!! Hate to jet, but it is my time. See ya tomorrow!!!!
  14. oh geez!!! no fun. Once when visiting PA had to carry a SUPER heavy suitcase with no wheels through the transits, and lots of walking to get to the train station. was no fun at all.... so I can sympathize with you there. But at least you can say its worth the trip you are going on, right??
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