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  1. Hi I ride an rf600 was wondering if anybody knws how much to recover a seat as mines got a tear in it many thanks
  2. Hi guys been away a while poorly rf but ill be back but I'm now a married man and got my 3rd baby on way
  3. When it went in to garage they stripped cleaned rebuilt and balanced just such an incompetent garage they didn't even re attach carb heaters
  4. They was stripped and cleaned when it went to garage
  5. I think it's float height but don't know how to check useless with carbs
  6. Ok bike went in garage for carb clean and balance its came back worse carb 1 drenches my plug any ideas guys rang the garage they want another £180 to look into it but they messed up once its not going back there plus why pay again for a job that should be done right first time also they balanced carbs without attaching the carb heaters but the thing is why would plug one get so wet from a 5 mile ride makes me not want to ride my bike help please guys
  7. Ok now the thing revs up to 4 grand by itself
  8. Got screw back in now just gotta balance them now lol
  9. Can I take u up on offer when u have the time free gave a manual to tell me how to balance them
  10. I'm missing the balance screw need to no size and thread it's of a mikuni bst36ss can't find size anywhere does anyone knw the sizing of this bolt
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