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  1. Sold my Bandit 1200 the other month and bought a Triumph Thunderbird 1600, even though I was sorry to see the Bandit go (can't afford two bikes) the Tbird has been more than worth it.
  2. Furness MAG presents the 2nd Dead End Rally Friday night: Livin Endlessly followed by Skating the Mendoza Line Saturday Morning: Run out to Haverthwaite Railway where you can go for a ride on a steam train (click on link) www.lakesiderailway.co.uk There is a fee of £5 per person to be paid before the run where you'll be given a raffle ticket, just before we set off two of the raffle tickets will be drawn and the two lucky winners will be travelling on the footplate (1 person each way). Then the ride will head to Bowness on Windermere then to Coniston and finally back to the rally site. Unfortunately there is no Battle of the bands this year (couldn't get any young bands interested this year, sorry) but there is a cricket match on, 2nd XI vs. Haverigg CC - 2nd X [url=hawcoatpark.play-cricket.com/scoreboard/fixtures_view.asp?id=11708199]hawcoatpark.play-cricket.com/scoreboard/fixtures_view.asp?id=11708199[/url] you can chill out with a beer or two and watch the match which starts at 1pm. Saturday evening: Torledo Mudhens and Raffle You can keep an eye on the weather by clicking on the link [url=hawcoatpark.play-cricket.com/scoreboard/fixtures_view.asp?id=11708199]hawcoatpark.play-cricket.com/scoreboard/fixtures_view.asp?id=11708199[/url] There is no trade stalls apart from 1 food stall at our rally, the will be selling breakfast buns, burgers, hotdogs, chilli and currie. You can either buy your tickets on line at www.bikersinfurness.co.uk/furness_mag/fmdead.php @£12.50 or you can pay on the gate @£15.00 I hope you can make it to our rally and join in on the party, it's going to be a good one
  3. We're holding the Dead End Rally on the 5th to 7th July, tickets are £12.50 each and Available via PayPal at http://www.bikersinfurness.co.uk/furness_mag/fmppal.php All ale is at club prices, fantastic Saturday ride out (TBA)and there's even a cricket match on (probably with streakers) Click on link below for full details of the rally http://www.bikersinfurness.co.uk/furness_mag/fmdead.php If you prefer to buy tickets by cheque please make it payable to Furness MAG Rally and send a S.A.E to: Furness MAG Rally 94 Bridgegate Avenue, Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria LA13 9DF I hope a few of you can make it and I'll see you there
  4. After last years successful rally I've decided to put it on again, we raised £300 for M.A.G. at last years rally and we aim to add another '0' to that figure. We now have a bigger and better venue just down the road from last year at Hawcoat Park Sports & Social Club, Hawcoat Lane, Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria LA14 4HF, Tickets are £12.50 each and you can buy them on-line via PayPal on this link http://bikersinfurness.co.uk/furness_mag/fmdead.php or by sending me a cheque and a S.A.E. (details on website) It took most folk 3 days to get over last years rally and we nearly drunk the bar dry, I think we're gonna struggle emptying the pumps at our new venue with two bars (main function room where all the bands will be playing and the upstairs bar which is our chill out zone). We're doing a Saturday run out with a difference (still sorting out a group discount for everyone) I'm planning a ride out to a railway station and a ride on a steam train (someone will stay behind at the station to watch the bikes), I'll let you know the price of the train ride as soon as I sort it out. We're also planning a "Battle of the Bands on the Saturday afternoon for those who don't or can't go on the ride out and I've also been told that there's a cricket match on Saturday afternoon, I just know there's gonna be someone that strips off and gives it legs during the match :notworthy: I'll keep you all updated as we get nearer to the rally. We also have a Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/groups/FURNESS.MAG/ just click to join and you should be added to the Deadend Rally page from there I hope you can make it and meet us all from Furness M.A.G. "we'll be no doubt pissed"
  5. swifty


    Tickets are selling well We've sold 80 tickets in 3 weeks, only 50 more tickets to sell. Entertainment: Friday night Scarred ID http://scarredid.co.uk/ followed by Dark Angel http://www.facebook.com/pages/Dark-Angel/195409650502734 Saturday night Ultimate Ironhorse http://www.facebook.com/pages/Ultimate-Ironhorse/150420925028799 followed by Cliff Rescue and the Helicopters http://www.cliffrescueandthehelicopters.com/
  6. swifty


    After months of planning I can now announce our first Deadend Rally. We are now selling tickets on-line for the Deadend Rally, there is a limited number of tickets available so please order your tickets as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. You can order your tickets and t-shirts via the link below, then by clicking on 'Buy Rally Tickets and T-Shirts On Line (PayPal)' the T-shirts are premium Fruit of the Loom in black and we will reserve them for you to collect on arrival at the rally. We also accept cheques or cash, all you have to do is print off the invite, fill it in and post it along with a S.A.E. to the address on the form or post it to me: Mr B Cairns 94 Bridgegate Avenue, Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria LA13 9DF make cheques payable to: Furness M.A.G. http://www.bikersinfurness.com/fmdead.html we have an age limit for children attending the rally as we have limited capacity in the venue so please no children under 15 yrs are to attend the rally sorry for any inconvenience this causes. Furness MAG Dead End Rally www.bikersinfurness.com The Rally will be held at Holker Old Boys Football Club on June 29th to July 1ST 2012, we have two bands playing each night. For more information Please go to the top link We look forward to seeing you there..
  7. swifty

    Advent calender

    Just bought a Jehovas Witness Advent Calender......every time you open a door someone tells you to f**k off
  8. swifty

    Sexy wife

    My wife was trying to be sexy last night. She lay on the bed licking a lollipop, then she slowly started sliding it into her pussy. I said "Steady on Love, you'll need that to see the school kids across the road in the morning
  9. swifty

    "clean" (rude)

    I've just met a woman that cleans her minge with bleach......................Flash c**t
  10. swifty


    I've just lost the money for my wife's epilepsy prescription in the bookies. She'll have a bloody fit when she finds out
  11. swifty


    I phoned the police the other day. "What's your emergency?" they asked. "2 girls are over me" I replied. "OK" she paused. Well! what's the problem?" "The fat ones winning"
  12. Im not relying on what any of the forecasters say, when do they ever get it right! They cant even predict 1 to 2 days ahead let alone a month
  13. A snip at just £1995.00, all you need is a delivery system http://www.johnsonsofleeds.co.uk/shop/product.php?id_product=137
  14. swifty

    B12/6 goodies

    Have you still got the infills?
  15. Anyone going to the Jesters Rally near Preston this coming weekend?
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