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  1. Italian guy: 'when i finish making aluv to my girlfriend i go down an gently tickle the back of her knees, she floats 6inch above da bed in ecstasy.' German guy: 'zat is nothin, wen i finish wiv ze girl i kiss her all ze way down her body zen lick ze soles of ze feet, she floats 12inch above ze bed in ecstasy.' Englishman: 'wen im dun bangin our lass, i get out of bed n wipe me knob on the curtains. She hits the roof'.
  2. Thank you all for your lovely birthday wishes
  3. £300, yep a lot to spend but hey ho, it was that or sell the bike as she was and get no more than £200 for her....i like my little bike and thought it was worth it
  4. little bit of sick just appeared in my mouth.eeeeeeeewwwwwwww....
  5. Great news my bike is back from the tuners, all wiring done and fan now works, timing chain tensioner replaced and working, now just need some good weather to clock up some mileage!! For the first time she starts first time cold and without choke....she sounds sweeeeeeeeeeet!! Thanks for all your support getting me through these dark times!!
  6. aww, thanks hunni, but she's stripped and being worked on as we speak....am so grateful for all the support i get on here, but, the guy that did the diagnostics has already removed most of the loom, looking for the problem!!!
  7. Results are in....it's not good....wiring loom is totally , it appears that nearly all connections etc are corroded, probably due to shipping and sitting in a salty container.....not a cheap repair...very disheartened by the whole affair, only ridden the bike a handful of times and she WAS running like a dream to begin with. Oh well, such is life!
  8. thanks...bike now at diagnostic centre, initial thoughts are a bad earth somewhere, but i thought coils, sure i will find out soon enough.....i'll keep my fingers and everything else crossed, update as soon as i know....
  9. Right....timing chain etc all sorted, bike still wont start...so it's electrical....looks like i'll be going in the car to BSB tomorrow, oh well!!
  10. hopefully, i'll get it looked at over the weekend...thanks people
  11. 'therein lies my problem, the service manuals that ARE available dont show the timing marks and i cannot for love nor money get a proper workshop manual, was so excited about getting a bike, now it's all going a bit downhill, perhaps cos the really nice riding weather is here!
  12. ah ha....guessed the timing could now be out but without a manual, how do you check it?
  13. Update....taken a while but this is where i have got to....no probs with ram airs or any of the air system, however loose connection on wiring that attaches to coils under fuel tank that control revs (hopefully somebody knows what i am talking about?) , also found out that the cam belt tensioner had broke so that part has now been replaced. hoorah i think, bike gets put back together, now she wont bloody start!!!! grrrrrrr
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