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  1. Well I won't give me any info on BKings !!!
  2. Boots will keep your feet dry on future BKing rideouts and I like the matt colour /effect on the helmet.
  3. Rosie

    Hi all

    Hi and welcome and well done on passing your tests !!! I started on a YBR125 and I loved that bike !! This is only my 6th summer riding so anything is posssible !! Have you decided what type of bike you would like??
  4. Thanks Tony ok off out for late breakfast / early lunch later ...........
  5. Tut there are BKing girls too you know !!! Cough ok maybe I'm "special"
  6. but I don't look like that now
  7. My Wonderful BKing as she is now Me on a good day !!! How I looked 30 years ago "sigh" One of my favourite places ... erm two wheels down !! And the never to be repeated at the risk of serious cardiac failure one wheel pic !!!
  8. Hi Tony, heard you were a visitor here goes off to find out how to post pictures
  9. Thanks for all the welcomes and I will try and upload a picture or two
  10. Hi I'm Rosie and I ride a BKing. Met Dave on the BKing weekend and here I am. Looking forward to getting to know the rest of you too. Rosie
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