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  1. These collected within the space of about 10 minutes.. Sounded like someone throwing stones at my helmet!
  2. Thanks for the welcome I don't I'm afraid, only ever ridden the one bike.
  3. The aftermath of last night's ride..
  4. BikerBillboh


    Hello everyone! My name is Matthew. Haven't quite been riding a year yet, but getting there. I ride a Yamaha YBR 125. I was reffered here by a chap called Yammy. I met him as I admired his XJ6 Diversion, which happens to be the bike I'd like when I pass my test. And I'm pretty sure I saw him today actually as I rode past ASDA in Thurmaston. Anyway.. That's me. Looking forward to getting to know you guys and gals, and hopefully go on a few rides.
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