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  1. thanks guys You know how to make a fella feel welcome! Jeff
  2. Hello People I'm Jeff, Canadian and I've owned a 2002 1200s bandit for 2 seasons. It came with a slip-on but had not been jetted. I had a dynojet kit installed by a local shop last aug. Its taken me till now to solve an occasional plug fouling issue. Number 1 cylinder would foul a plug if I wasn't diligent on my start procedure. This is one of the web-sights I used to determine that my problem was the pilot jet circuit. Turns out the instructions for my jet kit say to drill out the little plug and reset the pilot jet screw to 3 1/2 turns (stock is 3) out. I checked 2 of mine (the outside cylinders...because there easyist to access) #1 was 4 1/2 turns, #4 was 1 1/2 turns. It took a little while to get them set without removing any other parts...but I finally did it. The transformation has been astounding! Thank you Hutchs Motorbike Forum.
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