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  1. I appreciate that I am very much the new boy on this site and I have not had the opportunity to post much and so Admin, If this is the wrong place to put this, then please feel free to delete, and accept my apoligies, this is not intended as a spam or anythig like that. For the past couple of months my firm has been running a prize draw a the various events we are attending, with the draw to take place after the Brighton bash in mid September. I have managed to convince the powers that be to open up the draw to the wider biking public as not everyone can get to or wants to go to an event. First prize is £2000 worth of riding kit from a dealer of your choice. Second prize is a VIP track day at Silverstone using the full GP circuit and includes accomodation and meals Third prize is an ipad. It costs nothing to enter, all you need to do is send an email to bikes@mwsolicitors.co.uk and ask for your name to be entered into the draw. Friends, family and clubs and organisations are also free to enter. I also assure you that your details will not be sold to a third party and you will not get bombarded with spam mail. This is for us very much about brand and product awareness, and if anyone does get spam mail, then let me know and I will kick some butt.
  2. T.C

    Hi from a new guy

    I have done a few miles over the years. The last calculation showed that I had done something close to 1.5 million miles over nearly 40 years of riding. But most of those miles have been in a professional capacity rather than leisure miles
  3. T.C

    Hi from a new guy

    Thanks for the welcome. I am in Reading in Berkshire. I am actually on my 4th Bird. My mileage used to be 50,000 + miles a year and all of them did over 150,000 from new. Now my mileage had dropped substantially, hoepfully the mileage on the clock will stay lower But yes, great bike, suits me perfectly, but then I am 6'5" tall
  4. T.C

    Hi from a new guy

    New boy just joined, dropping in to say Hi 54 years old, Blackbird rider and.............. I hope that over the coming months I can make a positive contribution to the site.
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