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  1. Cheers Les. Got the lamp brackets sorted (going from faired to naked), and petrol tank coming today. Just need headlamp and brackets, and left side tail fairing. front mudguard is cracked, but repairable, ditto the brace. Missed one on ebay by 20p. Bugger!!!!
  2. a divent knar where ya get that impression from like mike. but welcome aboard mozza Whey lads! Aam owerwhelmed by ya waarm welcome, like! Ah divent knaa if a'd be able to join ya's on a ride oot anytyme soon, owin t the Bandit havin' suffad a bad dunch! Aall hev to howk me stuff oot the box, an see wat's wat!
  3. Thanks for the warm welcome, lads.
  4. Hello Guys (& Gals)! New member to your forum. Been into bikes since 1963. Usual Brit stuff until '72, when I bought a K2 750 Honda. Since then, had many Jap machines. Just bought a crashed '97 Mk 1 B6, so will be on the lookout for a few spares for re-build!
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