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  1. Cz...with the kick start that doubled as a gear lever.? What bike do u ride now..?
  2. Old belstaffs are sort after bought my last one years ago for £36...sold it on ebay for £140 to some guy in usa a few years back..cldnt believe it.
  3. It wasnt very dry...sat was ok swapped bikes with someone for a very nice ride into hay on wye on a gt500...they had a big tent with straw bales and a disco and a bar sat evening..but the long ride home to kent was a nightmare rain rain and more rain....but my belstaff suit held out well only my feet got wet...lol
  4. I remeber a few bikes going on the rolling road they had there..that was fun...i think the sw honda owners club was there aswell..i was 18 at the time and worked in john blanchard motorcycles my manager was membership secutary for the club and got me to join...fields probly full of houses now lol
  5. eddie59

    saying hi..!

    Such a warm welcome...looking forward to some bikey chats when i can get on here.. :-)
  6. eddie59

    saying hi..!

    Yes it is shame its under powerd..
  7. eddie59

    saying hi..!

    moves eventualy...do most of my riding two up Im not light and nether is the mrs...looks like an r1100/50 rt is on the cards i probly wont ride any quicker but the power will giv a more relaxed ride..the deau runs out of puff up hill...bit like me.
  8. eddie59

    saying hi..!

    Hi im eddie..currently ride a dull....sorry deauville.
  9. The rally was in glasbury wales near haye on whye...and it chucked it down on the way home ...i was there...cant believe im answering a four year old post..i think the pub was called the harp...i remember arriving at about 11pm and being pushed up the slight but very muddy gradient into the field on my Gt 185..
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