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Matt Von Wenden

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  1. ln reality, the necks of grison and marten does not perk up like here, but is more smooth with the body (I know it's a greater grison but still)
  2. The necks of the marten and grison look unnatural and not smooth, but otherwise good job!
  3. No offence, but you know this is mainly where ZT2'ers (Zoo Tycoon 2 players) chat about stuff?

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    2. Joseph De Luca

      Joseph De Luca

      @Matt Von Wenden   I didnt know that this was for ZT2 I posted that I was new to this fourmsclub and didnt know it filtered off some where so meant no harm or anything

    3. Matt Von Wenden

      Matt Von Wenden

      Na, it's ok, it's just this  place seems to be a new place where ZT2'ers usually do stuff ?

    4. Joseph De Luca

      Joseph De Luca

      Thats cool that there is a place to head to and interact and see & read everything.. Look forward to staying in touch as that is always a pleasure and honor ...  

  4. Welcome to ForumsClub!

    1. Matt Von Wenden

      Matt Von Wenden

      And, why are you following me? How do you know it is me who is the Dedennedillo account on the Round Table?

      I originally made this account to download some things I previously couldn't.

      I also thing Tamara could work on her Colougo. The real animal merely glides, yet this thing flies with wings.

    2. SLGray


      I just follow people who visit my website since I figure they are looking for the downloads.  Also it helps keep track of who is who.  Your account here is for ForumsClub, not my website.  You will need to join my website if you would like access to only member sections.

    3. SLGray


      Also following someone gives notifications when something new is posted.

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