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  1. Connie, by all means copy and read it! It was meant to minister to others......that's why I put it out......in faith that it will be shared! I decree over you right now that, as you're reading, Holy Spirit will inhabit your voice. I speak freedom through the sound of these words ....... that women and young ladies will be freed from the lies of the enemy......that eyes of the Spirit will be opened and they will SEE who they really are...... If you'll let me know when you're going to read it, I will be praying as you're presenting it. :bighug: Regina
  2. Greeting, brothers and sisters! Lately, God has been inspiring me to write poetry. Not the traditional sort, just a kind of free verse. Anyway, this is the latest one. Hope you all enjoy it. Tip: read it as if it was a dramatic presentation.....it's really meant to be heard, not read! ;-) False Advertising By Regina L. Warren Daughter of the world Inheritor of glory Do you not perceive the reality of you? You are as one who sleeps No – worse – you are mesmerized, bewitched! Wrapped in the cocoon of a reality Woven by the master of deception…… You are seduced by the seducer Ravaged by the ravager, Reduced to the immediate existence That is fashioned by the demands of a body Which – even now – rots & dies! You have agreed and acquiesced to the standards and Judgments of a beauty which you can neither own nor hold. In the pursuit of admiration and love, You have allured and flirted with the enemy. The bosom bared, midriff barely covered The jeans you had to lie down to zip! Makeup, hair, nails, jewels…..just so. All worn with an attitude of advertisement And so you place yourself on display. Hoping to be discerned as a rare jewel, Longing to be purchased by one who Will search out all of your beauty.. In each and every facet, inside and out You are instead rented, used, tired of, ……………and returned. Victim of your own clever advertising scheme You are shocked when it succeeds…. Not in the way you had hoped. Now you have a new label; “used”. In fact, a whole new set Which the world will make sure you know: “reduced price”, “bargain”, “cheap”, “second-hand”…… Who will have you now? You re-adjust your expectations And begin again to search for a New marketing campaign, a positive spin. …..WOMAN OF THE WORLD…..EXPERIENCED……SKILLED……. ……sounds great! Yet while one alluring voice seeks to convince you of added worth, Another whispers mournfully Shame, shame, shame…. Jaded – stupid – gullible – unworthy Easy – whore – dirty – Ah, what a wickedly clever scheme! All of these ideas you thought were your own Were the original FALSE advertising scheme Conceived of the prince of hype & deception The master of magicians….. Illusion wrapped in allusion. Seeking to hide you from yourself To rob you of your promise He whispers softly… Lovingly… AT FIRST! But all too soon, the whispers turn to snickers. The encouragement to mocking The smiles to sneers… He has with honeyed words Drawn you into a snare, a shadow world, A doorway to destruction. And as you enter in, buying the product, The same one who lured you Begins to bait you! With words, he reveals his true intent: The total destruction of everything God created you to be! Daughter of the world, cast off this illusion! Listen to the voice of truth, Dance with the one who dances over you….. For in His words you will be reflected Until you see the real reality………………….you ARE an Inheritor of Glory! The Creator of the Universe SPOKE and you became! And His plans for you are for good and not for evil! He has purchased you with the highest price, And you will never be returned! And although you ARE beautiful, comely, and fine Your worth will never diminish with age or injury. For your worth is of an indestructible spirit The Spirit of Truth, who lives within you And is not a respecter of persons! Indeed, it is said that Jesus was not of a Remarkably distinguished or handsome appearance…… Yet He is the Pearl of Great Price! And daughter……He has chosen YOU! SO……wear your jewels, dress in your finery, put on your makeup, and paint your nails! But do all of it…..not with an attitude of advertisement…..but of announcement…. HERE AM I! I AM BELOVED BY AND WED TO THE KING OF KINGS! MY HUSBAND KNOWS EVEN THE INNERMOST THOUGHTS OF MY HEART…. ALL OF IT, GOOD AND BAD…..AND HE LOVES ME STILL! HE DRAWS ME CLOSER, HE DRAWS ME HIGHER, HE PURIFIES ME, AND SANCTIFIES ME! I AM REDEEMED! A GREAT AND COSTLY PRICE WAS POURED OUT TO PURCHASE ME. I WILL NOT BE RETURNED! THE DAMAGES DONE TO ME BY THE ENEMY ARE BEING LOVINGLY AND PAINSTAKINGLY REPAIRED AND ERASED! HE IS POLISHING, REFINING, PURIFYING, MOLDING, LEADING….. AND ONLY IN HIS HANDS WILL I BECOME WHO I TRULY AM! I JUST HAVE ONE THING TO SAY ABOUT OUR GOD….. TRANSFORMATION ROCKS!!!!
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