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  1. We've been trying for many years to find out what the answer is to no avail. And sadly this type of thing is not discussed in main stream churches so they suffer. Yes I do believe it is generational. They both went through deliverance counselling about three years ago somethings they are definitely free in, but this particular area still plagues them.
  2. I don't know what the root is, but what I do know they are suffering.
  3. For the last few years I have been watching my mother and brother suffer by the hands of evil s*xual spirits that attack them all day and all night long for the past few years. They are believers they love the Lord they are spirit filled but yet they are being tormented to the point where these things are flushing their toilet, they see dark shadows moving around in their rooms, lights go on and off, etc. My mother has resounded herself that God knows the reason and entry point, but she will not be moved by what is occurring to her she believes she will be free, but yet she is being attacked and tormented. My brother on the other hand struggles for the last 17 years. Everytime he tries to move forward he feels like he is tied up and can't move forward or even sometimes out of his bed. There is an internal war in his mind and he has been hospitalized before and has ran away, but he realizes it is a spiritual problem. A few years ago in the middle of the night he asked me to help him I prayed and all of a sudden he started to manifest, demons upon demons were exiting out of him. I saw the POWER of GOD move in a mighty way that night and yet he struggles.... Enough is Enough and I want breakthrough for them. Help.
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