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  1. Mia Sherwood wrote:
    Does the overall theme of this remind you of anything in your personal life??  That one decision is what you need to get where you want to be?

    I'm quickened to your last question, which could help interpretation.
    Tri-state area - Washington, Oregan, Idaho
    Washington motto - by and by or eventually
    Oregan- she flies on her own wings (reference to being able to hear and discern God's voice for my own and not needing someone to approve (my own personal wings) or possibly just maturing and leaving the "nest" or in a personal way "the eagle soaring away" in terms or life.
    Idaho etymology- the sun comes from the mountains or gem of the mountains (reference to a prophetic drawing)

    The prophetic drawing was the sun high in the sky and two snow capped mountains. It would seem that overcoming a certain trial (climbing the mountains a.k.a. dealing with old mindsets with Jesus).

  2. Joshua116 wrote:

    thanks dreamster...i won't disregard any of that

    hi Jasmine,

    you said:

    ll give you an example. I asked God what the name of my future hubby would be and I got a name of someone I knew. I later realized that it was symbolic and I had so much peace. Let me show you. Someone's name could go as their identity. Last names can show status.

    If I for example have dreamt about girls named "Amanda"...the dream is NOT really about any "Amandas" at all...but simply the trait of that name?

    I'd have to see the dream. Might not even be about your future wife. Amanda means "worthy or love, having to be loved, deserving to be loved, loved by everyone"

  3. Schools can mean learning or a period of learning in a specific subject like leaning on God or learning to hear from him or to love him. When I see numbers, I look up possible verse of chapters of go into the strong's.
    John 14:1: Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in me
    Mark 14:1: Jesus was indignant. He reached out his hand and touched the man. "I am willing," he said. "Be clean!"
    Most versions say he was moved with compassion.

  4. I stopped dreaming after a period of time where Jesus was really knocking on my door and I kept ignoring him. Finally, he just gave me a dream where he was basically saying that one day I would be bananas for him then after that I barely had dreams except when I needed them. But now a whole bunch of my dreams are being fulfilled, especially the one where I was going crazy for him. I dreamed again when he called me to seek him and I sought. Many of my dreams that I had a few years ago, I didn't get the meaning until I really dug deep into the symbols or when someone did them for me.

  5. I'm nearing the fulfillment of this dream and I really do need to in depth interpret 1-3. Dream#1 is obvious. Dream #2 is about being able to keep a screenwriting gig (praise Jesus). Dream 3 needs help.

    The major symbols are:
    Ferris wheel: ?, could mean doing the same thing over and over again,
    Joe Jonas: I liked him. In past dreams, he has respesented my relationship with Jesus, myself (role reversal when God wanted me to understand something about having a boyfriend). Might represent my own dreams, my desire for a husband.
    Christian (old classmate)- might represent an actual Christian or group of Christians that did not emulate Christ, since he leaves grease all over the bridge/path.
    Bridge: we were all crossing the bridge, so it could mean trying to cross over to something
    Sister, Nadia- name means hope, could symbolize my hope for whatever Joe Jonas means. In the dream I tell her to get away from the Ferris wheel thinking she could get hurt when it started to spin (before we got on). I didn't want her to get her leg/foot crushed under the moving parts of the Ferris wheel
    Greasy plate- it looked like the grease from a pizza. It was partly in a brown paper bag. Grease is something that looks and feels like oil but isn't oil. Oil can mean the Holy Spirit, anointing, healing, consecrating, holiness, comeplete joy, expensive, used to cleanse and perfume, used in worship, prosperity. Grease could be considered a counterfeit. Grease is real bad for you. It increase your cholesterol, clogs arteries, and depending on what your eating, makes food taste bad. Can make you overweight (symbolically can make your "flesh" stronger and harder to kill and restrain). It's from pizza, like the kind from the corner pizzeria, which is very greasy and not healthy. I was worried about slipping on the bridge because of the grease.
    Paper bag:?

    It looks like this dream talks about a stronghold of being easily swayed, not progressing in my relationship with God, and double mindedness. The bridge might mean trying to cross over to better things and progressing, but the mess that certain "christians" made (people who were not really Christian but advertised themselves as such. Long story). The part about the Christians doesn't fit but I'm trying to eliminate possibilities that are not it. I think I cross over just fine and not slip. Joe Jonas now wore a white shirt, which could mean that whatever he symbolizes, was in the process of getting purified. If Joe Jonas symbolizes my dreams, then it would mean God purifying and changing it to something that would be for his purposes and would better satisfy me. I did put my dreams over God and even our relationship. Before Joe's clothes were not properly on. When he unzipped his sweater, I saw his left arm was out of the sleeve and the left sid was over his shoulder. A towel was wrapped up inside. He looked sweaty and the clothes were too much to where in this weather. It looked like he had the towel to soak up the sweat. In the beginning of the dream, it was hot and felt like summer, and the sun was beating down on us. As it progressed, it felt cooler and looked like spring.
    Joe represents something redeemable. He is in the operating box of the Ferris wheel, so he is running the Ferris wheel. Later, he wears a white t-shirt and white can mean redeemed. Men can represent mindsets so Joe Jonas could mean a valuable part of myself. There is bitterness in the beggining. Ooohhh! I got it. Thank you, God. When I wrote "beggining" the auto correct made it "big hinting" so God was telling me there was a big hint in the beginning of the dream. Also, because of being stuck in a cycle, my hope might be affected but I get protect my hope and make sure it's not hurt or affected my the cycle.

  6. i was in a workshop program thing that trained youth for work. It ended and we were assigned to different work places. We were all taking different trains to our work. I was assigned to a hardware store in the northwest, where it was winter. I thought i was going to alaska, but i was staying in the tri-state area in the north west corner in the mainland. I say a flash of myself at the small hardware store. I was at the counter as a store clerk, wearing a green vest. The store sold tools and screws, nuts and bolts but i also saw they sold wood planks and they were hanging to my right. The store looked like the Claires at a local mall, but the door was closer to the counter and it was just smaller. I also saw myself walking to work. I wore a light blue jean jacket that was a little distressed around the pockets. There was snow still on the ground and it was old from a previous storm. It was turning hard. I felt the snow season would be over soon. The area i walked looked like a part of the street around where i live (irl) that lays big rugs or blankets with a lot of sewn in detail. As i pass by i am greeted by a couple of older men on the way (one old man, one middle aged overweight bald man black with a lighter complexion, there might have been another one). I knew them and felt safe in the small town and that i was actually in a community/family setting with fellowship. I loved living in this small town.
    Well, i didnt actually go. I was supposed to go but i decided i would go later because i was very tired and weary. Someone friendly who i knew from the workshop training and had kind off befriended but I kept him at a distance asked me if i would go on the train. I told him later. The whole dream, i was limping. It wasnt regular limping. I walked the way i did when it had juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and would sit too long and would get up and walk like an old lady (people would actually make old jokes and i was 13 at the time). I got home worrying about a personal issue. In my home i felt scared and sad and unsafe. I was sick of being there. I realized i would not have to worry and be safe had i gone to work.

  7. What could that mean? In the dream, this lady was helping me get rid of a bad bug infestation. She shot it at a spider egg sac and that's what fixed the issue. The bugs began to retreat. What does the gun mean?

  8. Well, let me give some background. I worked in the summer at this community center. The city had placed me to work there. In the dream I was at the center and still felt that I had been placed there. The difference was it was a hardware store/carpentry business/ apprenticeship. The man hammering the wood was doing it gently and had no nail to drive in. I felt he was inexperienced and was just beginning to learn and might not even know what he's doing. There was another worker next to him on his own table and piece of wood but he had a nail and I felt he was more experienced. That other person might have been a she. This person was young and had light hair (dirty blonde possibly).

    I don't think its store house.

  9. I need to communicate with a few people but that is difficult to do on my own. God has relayed messages before. I want to get them into agreement before I go ahead and do something. I need God's guidance also. Pray nothing gets in the way, the people are protected, nothing by any means would hurt them, and they would not be influenced against it. Thank you.

  10. The dream is basically about celebrating the end of a work program. My real life boss, Hector is in it. He is obviously symbols. His name means "holding fast" or "to hold or posses". In the dream he is by boss.

    Here's the scene with him in it:
    We were celebrating the end of the work program. We were about to go home. Hector, other girls in the program, and I were walking the streets of Manhatten at night. The ground looked wet and I saw those grates on the floor that you see on the street. I think we were walking to get transportation (possibly a cab). Hector stops us and tells us how proud of us he is and how we worked so hard. I felt the work was very difficult and ongoing and there was contantly work, especially at the end. It was physically rigorous, I felt and at the end there was barely room for break, but that was behind us. It wasn't offically the end but it was upcoming and we were just celebrating. Hector hugs the two other girls and then he hugs me. When he begins to pull away, he looks at me like he's beggining to like me/realize that he does. He kisses my left check. I try to hold onto him when he tries to pull away, because I think he wants me too. He's ready to let go of me and I let go of him but it felt like a small struggle. I see myself holding onto him and he's looking back at the girls, trying to get out. We begin walking. I think about what it would mean if my boss felt this way. I thought it would mean it still would be connected to him even after the program was over if I pursued things. The ending of the program would cut me off from him. I had a bad feeling (not premonition) about pursuing it because I really didn't want/like him, but the allure of the forbidden made me want to stay with Hector/ pursue a relationship. I worried about what the girls would think (the others in the program). We just kept walking.

    We girls were wearing dresses. One girl was wearing a hot pink or magenta dress that was shaped like a wedding dress. Another girl wore a shiny purple dress that wasn't as poofy. My boss wore what the blond guy is wearing, minus the hat.

    I also wore a dress, which I think was a very light pink with off the shoulder straps (top looked like the top of Cinderella's dress).

    This dream is obviously about a trial I'm going through ending. I'm trying to figure out which one God is talking about.
    When I think of Hector being the boss, I don't think of a boss like a manager/supervisor, but more like the "boss" in a video game. In a lot of video games, you have to defeat and enemy that won't let you pass, so you can go to the next level. Hector may represent the actual trial.
    I had dreams of the trial I was going into before it happened, so I will have to look at them.
    Also, when I first thought of the light blue suit, I thought of that episode of Fresh Prince of Bel Air when Carlton had to wear that suit to a dance because something went wrong with his original suit and he felt so embarresed. Things didn't go as planned with his suit.

  11. I know it sounds wired but does the doubt feel caring or loving or does it come with it? I have found that sometimes when I believe something that is not true, a feeling of "it's not true," but it's a caring and loving sense.
    If the doubt is demonic, it will be void of love and feel like a bully is trying to take something precious from you. It will feel attacking and harsh or it will seem insidious or somewhat like the Garden of Eden incident. Sometimes it's subtle and sly and if you resist the devil he will flee so it should not stay for long unless your feeding the doubt . However, God is persistent and if he's trying to show you something isn't true, that feeling won't go away easily until the truth hits you like a ton of bricks. Also, God showing you something is not true, the feeling will be gentle.
    It's been 3yrs and your still having that doubt. Maybe God is telling she won't be jewish ethnically. Nonetheless, ask God to show you plainly. I've heard sometimes the words we recieve are symbolic. I think Paul called us "spiritual jews"
    I'll give you an example. I asked God what the name of my future hubby would be and I got a name of someone I knew. I later realized that it was symbolic and I had so much peace. Let me show you. Someone's name could go as their identity. Last names can show status. The last name of the guy meant "branch" meaning he would be a Christian who could maintain a good relationship with God and bear fruit which was important for me, because a born again Christian can back slide and seemingly good boys can call themselves Christian but not know God. The first name meant crown or wreath. First names could show personal identity therefore it could be a specific trait. Wreaths were given to sports players when they one a race or game in Ancient room. This might show he is an overcomer.

  12. Did you have any toxic issues, hindering beliefs, sin struggles or anything that added difficulty to your walk with God when you had the dream or that may have continued to now? What comes to mind is you wash your hands after you use the toilet. Toilet could mean expelling spiritual waste/toxins/crap. Washing your hands after that could mean "I have nothing to do with that anymore" or washing your hands of guilt therefore letting go of condemnation and guilt over something in the past.

  13. I felt the money meant provision. As for the snakes, look for the clip of that scene in Pince of Egypt where Moses faces off with the magicians and his snake eats the other two. Moses's snake was gold/cream. The others were dark but not black. Maybe it means you will face trouble with paying, but God is saying he will tak care of it. He's saying wait. I think its safe to assume you plan on switching universities if you don't find the money by a certain time. God is saying to wait. Another thing on the snakes, you might get some clues if you look at the color of the snakes. Ask God to tell you what the colors mean and make your mind go to the answer. Then think of what comes to mind with the colors and see if it fits. If not, I have a list of what certain colors could mean. Obviously, everything should stay within context.
    Toss what doesn't fit but prayfully consider it first.
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