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  1. I would also advise you to pay attention to your dreams. You may think that God is not connection with you when in fact you are not opening your spiritual hears to hear him. He talks to you always in your dreams. Learn how to understand Hs dream language. He is always communicating with you at night as you sleep. Write down your dreams and check out John Paul Jackson and others. At times when I was having major issues God was trying to warn me and help me. After understanding His dream language I now understand this truth. God loves to communicate with us. Try to remember the dreams that you had during the bad times in your life. I had dreams of a man with a big nose ganging up on me with others trying to steal from me. I had this dream more than once. God was trying to tell me that my abusive ex who was a minister in church had the gift of discernment 'big nose' but was trying to steal my joy peace etc. God gave me this dream several times because He knew that the devil was using my ex to trying to take me out although he was a leader in church. I did not understand the dream so I stayed with this man thinking that God would change him and fix his behavior. 'Still trying to recover'. When you have these dreams 'and I believe you will' ask God to help you to see with your spiritual eyes and hear with your spiritual hears and understand with your spiritual mind but with your equipment turn towards Him and not darkness. 'My ex's was turned towards darkness' You will love the connection you have with Him in this way. Then He will take you to greater heights of closeness with Him. He loves to connect with us, it is His joy. It is one way we make Him happy. The devil hates to make God happy so the devil tries to brake this communication that we have with our maker. Start with your dreams, buy Christian dream symbol books, as God to reveal your dreams to you and feel the connection.
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