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  1. Thank you Cholette, you have said more that makes sense to me than anyone in years. Thank you so much for answering. I know I'll re-read this many times for help. Thank you for the site too. Strangely enough, I work in a Christian School. I have so many stories that make one wonder if God is really working in the lives of the good, kind and truthful - seems the opposite in our school. There have been death of children, loss of money, position, demotions, disrespect, on and on. Then the ones that are obviously self-serving and fake are rewarded. Parents are even starting to notice. oh well, guess this is God's way? Anyway, Please pray for my personal and financial situation ->this is not related to work. Work is where I have started to question God because of things that have happened to people there over the last ten years. Your picture is beautiful - Makes me happy and comforts me that someone so beautiful is "works for God" in a way. Thank you again. Suzette
  2. I have never heard God's voice and am not sure he even exists. I know others that say they have received messages and guidance. Never has this happened to me and God has never been there when I needed him. Do you have to be a person with special talents to be recognized by God. I am an ordinary person with ordinary intelligence. With the exception of one or two people, anyone I have ever known that proclaims to be a 'Christian' has been a backstabbing, self-serving fake who uses it to make other believe they are sincere Godly people and more often than not get everything they need and/or want. I am confused. Maybe they are lying about hearing God's voice too... who knows. Please pray for my understanding of this. thank you,
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