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  1. “He had done no wrong & had never deceived anyone…., but it was the Lord’s good plan to crush him & cause him grief.” Is. 53:9a, 10a A body had been prepared for Jesus to do the will of His Father. Beyond healing the sick, raising the dead casting out demons…, His ultimate assignment was the cross- To pay with His life for man’s sins. No scripture captures his suffering better than Is. 53. Is. Is.52:14 says that He was so badly bruised & disfigured (by the soldiers, italics mine), that no one would know that he was a man! Man’s sins were so weighty, & the consequences so grave that only divine sinless blood could adequately atone for it. Mk. 15:33 shows us that Jesus hung on the cross for at least 3 gruesome hours. As He hung between heaven & earth, he must have tasted the feeling of abandonment by the one He called ABBA, denied by the one had named the Rock & betrayed by the disciple who was from the sane tribe as him. The only thing that kept him on the cross amidst the jeers & taunts was YOU & I. (Heb. 12:2) He bore it all and chose to bleed till only water poured from his sides. He left the glory of heaven & became a servant on earth with one burning desire etched into every fiber of His being- Reconciling us back to the Father. Truth is, whenever we hear the story of His death & resurrection, we are filled with awe & love for him & many times shed a tear or two. But we so often forget the dear price that He chose to pay for our lives with no thought for Him at all. We put our eyes off Him & allow the hurts & betrayals from those we trust, the disappointment from failed promises, the pleasures & pressures of the world to woe our hearts away from the Father. My earnest prayer for us today & always is that our hearts will be melted & remolded by the Potter, that our love for Him grows daily, & that no other throne survives in our hearts but HIS. He deserves our ALL, as the song writer put it,… Like a rose trampled on the ground, He took the fall & thought of me above all” SHALOM
  2. Amen & Amen to our prayers. Life has taught me that there is no better proof of trust in God than when life throws bricks at us. Come to think of it, what wrong had Joseph done that made him remain a prisoner for 13 solid years?! I can imagine the feelings of abandonment, fear, bitterness, resentment, loss of faith in his dream..... that he had to deal with. But God was working behind the scenes in all of this. He had been shown the big picture via his dreams,but God wisely left out the details that would were requisite to the fulfillment of his destiny. Finally, he becomes the 2nd in command next to Pharoah in a flash! That's how BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIG our God is. No press conference, no board meeting, no polls, no elections or any other form of human calculation, & Joseph's destiny finally emerged with a BIG BANG.In all this, Joseph couldn't factor in himself bcos he was an ex convict, a foreigner, and had been forgotten for too long in the prison. ALL THE GLORY AND HONOR is to Our God, cos when he steps into the scene, the battle is over. Halleluyah! If the hell & the grave could not hold Jesus down, No force on earth & beyond will stop our destiny from manifesting as long as we abide in Him. Shalom!!!
  3. Ecclesiastes 3:1 says, "To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven" One's destiny in God is expected to be realized within a specified time. God has a timetable for every one and for every event. Unfortunately, because God's timetable is at variance with ours, many of us tend to neglect it. One classical example here is Joseph. In his early teens, he already had a glimpse of his destiny. He knew God's plan for his life although he did not have the details. If you are close enough to God, He will give you sufficient information about your destiny fit for your age. Joseph's destiny did not come to pass just because he was aware of it. He had to go through certain stages and experiences over a period of years. He tasted slavery, imprisonment, and abandonment by a forgetful butler, all these as preparation for his destiny (Gen 40:1-23). But at the right time, Joseph was remembered and brought out of the prison straight to the throne. Do you know that if Joseph had been remembered earlier and brought out of prison prematurely, he probably would have decided to return to his family? That would have meant the end of the destiny God had ordained for him. Does it seem as if you are forgotten? It is likely deliberate. All is working for your good. (Rm. 8: 28) At the right time, you shall be remembered. When it is time for you to be remembered, you shall not remain forgotten in Jesus name. I pray that the month of march shall be a month of MARCHING forward victoriously for us all in Jesus precious name! AMEEEEEEEEEEEN!! SHALOM[b]
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