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  1. Hi I need help interpreting dream. I had a dream that I went to the hospital to birth a baby. When i got there the I was panicking because my feeling was that something was going to be terribly wrong with this baby and that it was going to be rejected. I remember thinking that I was going to get in trouble because I had used drugs during this pregnancy. The nurses left the hospital room to get the doctor to deliver baby and it was coming fast. up until this point I was in fear because of the situation. While the nurses were going get the doctor the baby slipped out into my arms. My feeling imediately turn to amazement and awe at the baaby's appearance. It was a beautiful baby boy. His skin was the creamiest medium brown. The baby was so perfect I thought. I was just in awe. I was thinking to myself just how perfect this baby was. the nurses and doctor came back into the room and I was trying to show them how perfect and beautiful the baby was. I don't remember them saying or doing anything imparticular but I knew in my mind they were rejecting this baby. A feeling overwelmed me that this baby would be rejected by everyone. As I walked around trying to show everyone they would just turn and walk in the other direction. A deep sorrow like I've never felt before over took me. I just couldn't believe how they could reject this perfect beautiful child. Words can't desribe the perfection and beauty of this baby and the thoughts were the same. I knew not only in my mind but also in my heart that this baby was like no other. I woke up in the middle of the night. As I sat there trying to make since of this I was in awe of the child. But then I began to cry because no one would even give the baby a second glance. I prayed and went back to sleep. The next morning when I woke up it was the first thing on my mind. The child's appearance and then the sorrow because of the rejection towards the baby. All through out the day I kept thinking of this dream trying to make sense of it and then sorrow would come on. For the next 4 months maybe a little longer I would think about it alot. The child's racial backround was not biracial or african american It was from another culture. That stood out to me in the appearance. I've asked a few people about this but haven't gotten a real clear answer that kinda resounds with me. As I was praying about htis one day shortly after I heard the Lord say rejection. So I know it plays a big part in this. Any thought on this please.
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