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  1. My Dream I saw my roommate and myself in a small faded red inflatable boat. The raft was floating around a huge coral reef but there was no water. It was like we were floating in the air. I was standing and she was sitting in front of me. The reef had a lot of different kinds of fish on it that were alive but they were out of water. All were still breathing but they were bloated, pale, and struggling. On top of the reef there was a giant see turtle with frown on his face. The turtle was still breathing and moving his fins like he was swimming but he was stuck to the reef. Next to one of his fins was a red puffer fish that I purposely hit with my fist, causing it to disappear. This turtle seem to be about as big as an airplane. Most of the fish were stuck to the reef and it seemed like they were trying to get free but couldn't. The reef itself was a tall wall and then continued on the ground below us (We were floating in our raft near the top). The whole reef looked brownish green with some hints of pale color here and there. I said to my roommate "Oh, no! Where did all the water go? These fish are going to die! How are we floating when there is no water? Where are we"? All she said was, "I don't know". I told her, " We need to get some water in here now!" At that moment I heard water pouring down, so I turned and saw a stream pouring down from above and flowing down the middle of the reef. The stream had a certain kind of fish in it that the reef did not have. The fish in the stream we beautiful vibrant electric blue and fluorescent pink. Each fish was half blue and half pink. These fish were looked very healthy and full of life. I yelled in excitement, "Look at the beautiful fish" I knew that these fish were creole wrasse because I have seen them many times on scuba dives. Creole wrasse travel in schools and are very bright blue, sometime with hint of yellow or red at the tail. But the ones in my dream were very vibrant fluorescent blue head and bright fluorescent pink tails. When the stream came down from above it seemed like the huge turtle disappeared. The turtle was as big as circumference of the reef so he was blocking the light when he was stuck on top. Now that he was gone there was a bright light that flowed down with the water. The reef started to regain some of it's color back and the fish started to look more alive. We were praising the Lord when the water started to flow down. The stream flowed from the top to the bottom where it started to gather and would eventually fill up the air space. I woke up before seeing the water fill up the space. I feel like there is more meaning here than just dreaming about fish on a reef. I would appreciate any help interpreting this dream. Thank you for your time and consideration. God Bless
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