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  1. I talked to them the other day and they said while they were reading their letters on the plane they were crying tears of joy the whole time they were reading them. God Bless, Laci
  2. Thank you Connie! I have read many things on here and I think all of this is wonderful and has helped me to see the things in life that are truly important. Best wishes for everyone that is in the safe hands of the Lord and those who are not. God Bless, Laci
  3. I disobeyed my parents and they grounded me from just about everything, but I understand they did it to keep me safe and not just because they could. I felt really bad about all of it because it hurt my mom so much that she cried and I wanted to give her and my dad a note that said I was sorry before they went on their honeymoon (they just got married a week ago and me and my brother and family members pitched in and sent them on a honeymoon since they couldn't afford it) and reading your guys's comments and posts gave me enough encouragement to type them both individualized letters and put them in their suitcases to read on the plane. I just wanted to thank all of you. You all inspired me to write the letters from my heart and make it mean something. Bless all of you, Laci
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