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  1. that God will bless you with the right opportunity at the right time
  2. really okay talk to me about this path.
  3. Good Morning and Thank you Connie
  4. Hello I'm asking for someone to please pray for me: 1. I've been unemployed for 8 months. I've been on jobs interviews on and off during the 8 months however I haven't landed a position yet. 2. My business partners and myself are in need to funds so we can get started with our real estate investments. We are trying creative methods to obtain funds by partnering with Realtors who are familiar with the Creative Financing method just need to find that one great deal and the rest is obtainable. Whenever my RE Investment business hit the ground then eventually I can focus on my business. 3. I would love to be in a monogamous, stable, balanced and loving/romantic relationship with a gentleman with all the attributes that I've been asking for in a man All prayers are appreciated!
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