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  1. I got the Job. Glory be to the most High God. He never fails He never lets us down when we wait for Him with prayer and supplication and thanks givings in our hearts He never fails. For those who helped me pray for the interview especially Dove solutions and kellys2004 may God bless you too and anyone else who saw the post and prayed.
  2. Praise God,after praying for a job for 2 years i have an interview this coming week on Tuesday.The Bible says if two of us agree about something here on earth it shall be done for us By our Heavenly Father. You agreed with me when i was asking for an opportunity and it has happened now agree with me about this position and God shall answer our prayers because He is a faithfull God and He stays true to His word. This opportunity is not by chance it is straight from Heaven. Be blessed
  3. I have been praying for a job,please help me pray.I know God IS a faithful God and soon by His grace i will post a testimony
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