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  1. Happy New Year to everyone.. ! May the Lord bless you & Keep you this 2014... I hear of many breakthrough's coming this year... many Open Doors! To everyone..
  2. Hi exco..thanks so much for sharing this testimony.... intersting you knwo today my pastor in church 'felt led' to talk about alcohol as well.. he started talking about how his father was an alcoholic..& it took just 1 drink to get started... he said 'oh pls u think 1 glass of wine is harmless etc..' it really hit me.. He even said he felt that someone needed to hear this.. im sure so many Christians go through this questioning God about 1 glass of wine..is it really bad... sometimes it does lead other's to sin .... its true it only takes 1 to get started... im sorry to hear about your brother & his family.. thats just terrible. I hope God breaks through with them.. & calls them back
  3. thanks White Shadow... ! Im not a drinker really was just curious on Christian thoughts on it. I agree w/being led by the spirit regarding these matters also..
  4. thanks for sharing ur thoughts Dee, WhiteShadow, Jasmine... I agree w/ you guys.. i wonder though about the state of light-headedness? for ex what if someone had 1 or 2 drnks & thy felt a little buzz b/c they are not use to it.? Is that wrong then? Also, what if you are w/unbelievers having dinner... is it wrong b/c you are to set an example?
  5. Hi all, Just wanted to see what your thoughts are on believers drinking alcohol? ( I dont mean getting drunk, going to bars to get drunk etc...that's obviously a No) I just mean drinking wine for dinner or light drinks like a sangria w/dinner etc... I heard a pastor once preach that we should not drink at all. Not even a sip of wine. So i was wondering what everyone's biblical opinion was? Love to hear thoughts
  6. oh wow i just saw this post Cholette! This is awesome, praise God for the breakthrough.
  7. WOW!!! And we can see the fruit of it...thanks for sharing!! I come in agreement w/prayr.. pls forgive my ignorance, but what does it mean that its UN leashed?
  8. Im about to leave for church. ill write more later but just my quick 2cents... I use to fast to kill the flesh & come closer by the spirit... its to hear from the Lord. Even Jesus fasted. I dont think it's the Law. Also.. fasting can also mean = ok lord im not spending the day doing anything that i love, i rather sacrfice that and give you that time (e.g. watching tv, listening to music, eating fun stuff, meeting friends ) etc... also its only the Law if you did it bc you feel that you are suppose to & if u dnt u feel God wont like u or something like that. just my quick thoughts
  9. thanks Destine.. I will try that... Appreicate your prayers
  10. Lately ive been getting annoyed and angry and temperamental... please pray for me i have alot thats on my mind and i m trying to surrender.. but i feel like the enemy keeps laying traps for me
  11. im so sorry! can u get a restraining order?
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