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  1. I am in school to obtain my Bachelors Degree in Healthcare Management. The classes are getting harder and harder each term. My professor that I have now is so picky. I made a D on my first quiz. I was so devistated then on my first discussion grade was a C. This is my biology class. I felt like giving up when I saw the grades posted this morning. I stay on my children to make good grades and not to give up but I honestly felt like giving up today. I am trying to be a great role model for my babies. I have to keep going but I can't fail this class.
  2. Thank all 3 of you for joining me in prayer regarding Jala. I really do appreciate it a lot. I can't wait to give my praise report!
  3. My daughter name is Jala. She is 11 years old and she stutter. She also has been diagnosed with dyslexia. She has a complex talking in front of people because she stutter. The kids at school tease her. It is hard for her to comprehend what she read and it is hard to catch on to her school work. Jala has been a sickly child since birth with severe eczema and asthma. It hurts her and she ask me all the time" Why did GOD make me this way"? it hurts my heart to see her hurt. Please lift my daughter up in prayer for healing and deliverance
  4. I am working at a Investment Bank in Houston. The job is ok but I really want to get a new job in the medical field. I am currently in school to obtain my Bachelors Degree in Healthcare Management. I have some medical experience. I have my certification as a medical assistant. I did that for 4 years and in 200w moved to the Financial industry. My boss is so mean, jealous hearted, and sneaky and some co workers. I need another job with more pay, christian boss, and a good location. I have 3 children so I have to stay here until GOD open up a door for me to move on to something better. I need GOD's favor.
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