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  1. Today has been very good day for me. I had decided to not procrastinate anymore and have finally gotten around to doing some decluttering. I will do more tomorrow.
  2. I am working on breaking bad habits, but so far it's not going so well. All I have managed to do so for is invent a hundred and one reason not to do it
  3. Thank you very much for support!
  4. I am not from the kind of family where people talked about their emotions or the way we feel about things. My mother is very analytical person and tends to analyze everything that I tell her, but she doesn't know how to help me when I do try to talk to her. I don't really know anyone I can trust with this kind of things. I don't have any close friends.
  5. When I was 5 I had started having dreams, more like nightmares, that would come true. It had scared me a lot, as a result I had blocked out my intuition. I never told anyone about thous nightmares, because I didn't think anyone would understand. No one in my house ever talked about dreams. I was worried and still constantly worry that I will not be excepted if I say or do something wrong. For this reason I hid and still hide all things that bother me. I want to appear like I am happy kind of person. I always felt it's unfair to burden others with my problems. I think that this feeling was great justification for not wanting anyone to see how vulnerable I really am.
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