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  1. Hello, I would like to update on my prayer request from awhile back. The man I spoke of is calling me and texting me. I have had several dreams since my last prayer post. In one we were in the middle of the street between old mexican or spanish buildings. It was a dirt street. He was telling me he knew what he needed to do(marry me). But he was struggling with it. In another dream we were together and he looked terrible and he told me he broke up with the other woman. When I was receiving these dreams we we were not talking or texting. Please continue to pray for me, even him. Thank you.
  2. Hello, this is my first time requesting prayer on this site. I met a man 5 years ago. We fell inlove with each other right away. My children did too. I have had many dreams from the LORD. I know that seeking Him He definately shows Himself. There is so much to tell but it would take to long. All I know is that all the dreams keep showing me that he is the one. We have not spoken to each other for a long time. Last year he decided he needed someone who understood his anxiety and depression. I knew all to well where it really comes from, but that's another story. I have asked the Lord repeatedly if I was to keep praying and believing. One night He said "Its been a long tome coming, has it been worth the wait?" I said yes. In my last dream I was with another man and he said to me "We will be following the HS together and it will be fun." This time I didn't get concerned or freaked out about I being with this other man as I have in past dreams. But as soon as the man finished talking I heard Hal's voice and he came into the room we were in. Hal has always said he would kick himself in the but for letting me go. I believe the Lord has been showing him things about us. But he has been ashamed and feels unworthy of me. I know the lord is showing him that it's getting close and he needs to do something. I also know that God is showing me i if Hal chooses not to be obedient and that I will be alright with another man. I love him and pray for him. I need prayer for myself. To be strong. That God just continually wraps me in His love and carries me through this as He been all along.
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