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  1. Thankyou for you answer, there has been more to the dream. I was in the back seat of the car with my ex & we were having a conversation which i vividly remember. I asked him if he looked me up on facebook. He said that he had looked me up on facebook. He also told me that he doesn't have a facebook account (so I am assuming he looked me up using someone elses account LOL. In my dream I felt so happy knowing that he looked me up on facebook. I also had another dream about him not long after that dream I was sitting in the back seat of a car with him & my best friend from high school. My mother was in the front passenger seat. He was sitting in the middle backseat, he grabbed my hand & he grabbed my friends hand at the same time. I was getting jealous because I didn't want him paying any attention to her. I haven't seen these people in over 10 years because in reality he cheated on me with her. I have moved on with my life & am now married, but for some reason I have been thinking about my ex alot lately & now I am having recurrent dreams about him. Do you think there is a message in my dreams?
  2. I had a dream I was having a conversation with my ex boyfriend in his car. I read that if you are in a car with someone it usually means that you will see that person in the future. How long after the dream occurs will the event happen?
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