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  1. thank you for your prayer! God is working on the both of us, and in due season we shall reap!
  2. hello my brothers and sisters in Christ. I am praying and fasting that my husband hears from God His will for our marriage. at this point my husband is firm in having a divorce and said he won't change his mind, except under one condition. I asked if he heard from God that we should divorce, he said no. I asked if he heard from God anything about our situation, he said no. I then asked if he heard from God that we should remain together would he obey, he said yes. so I am praying that our marvelous God speaks to him concerning our marriage. I've been encouraging him to pray which he says he's done but heard nothing. I also encourage him to fast, but he has yet to do so. I pray the power of the holy spirit works through him to glorify God. I've been seeking God through this, and divorcing does not register with me thus far. I also pray that I remain fervent and strong in prayer and not cease. please agree with me in prayer for these two things. thank you and God bless!
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