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  1. Hi guys, So I want to give a little testimony of how faithful God is and the workings of the gifts of the spirit. I've been wanting to use the gifts of the spirit more, but have let doubt stop me from delivering words etc. previously not being 100% sure if it is from God or my soul. However, on the 19th of March I was praying for the Malaysian airline and the passengers, hoping there was a hope. At the end of my prayer, I felt dissatisfied so I asked the Holy Spirit: "What really did happen to that plane and where is it?" I then prayed for a minute or so in tongues and these two phrases popped up: "They are all dead" and "Indian Ocean". I was very sad when I heard it and prayed for their souls still, but somehow deep down in my heart I felt like it was true. So I said to the Holy Spirit that I'll test this word from you and wait to see the news in a few days. And today on the 24th of March I read the headlines that the Malaysian government is certain they have found pieces in the southern part of the Indian Ocean and that the plane crashed! I was pretty awestruck to say the least. I feel my faith has risen to a new level and trust in the Holy Spirit though. Sometimes we try and make it so complicated to hear from God, but the HS just told me right away, when I tuned in and listened. I also am very grateful because on the day the plane disappeared, I was just flying from Sydney, Australia back to my home country in Europe and didn't hear anything about this plane until I had completed my journey. Just feel like God protected me without me knowing it even and I didn't have to be worried when flying. Hope you are blessed.
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