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Jennie the Jesus-lover

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  1. It's funny but I can't find it now. Sister if you need to talk I'll be a listener. Jesus gave me the gift of empathy. I have a yahoo, Facebook and Twitter account. Let me know how you feel about it :)
  2. Hi I'm wondering about your dreams in your sleep. I find they interpret what is going to happen and lots of times it's God telling us something in them
  3. Hi I know you said your mother never abused you but with what she says is emotional abuse. There are curses in your family; blessings and curses can be done with our tongue, and the works of our hands, We were made in God's image so there's a sense of power in what we do but to curse is not His plan, How do curses come? Through abuse, grievous words(like not just what you say but HOW you say something; voice tone and body language)swearing, wrath, self-gain, thoughts, oh yes thoughts, because they are understood before the deed happens, thoughts are deeds, bad attitude like sassiness, looking at someone in an evil way such as out of hostility, lust, sensual pleasure, complaining and grumbling against things against people. Oh yes definitely complaining. If that's hard to grasp I'll give you an example. Say you made a mistake even one that's not done out of malicious intent. And even if it was it still would hurt hearing someone complaining about you. "He/she did this and this and that arrrr arrrr grrrr D:
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